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Classical ancient (classical massage)
Skilful masseuse's movements heat up muscles and accelerate blood circulation. It makes skin and muscle fibers softer and more sensitive (standard massage). Whole body massage.
Duration: 30 minutes
Rate: UAH 300

Venice splash (aqua massage)
This massage is provided in the shower room with usage of health aids, eastern fragrances and modest foam by candlelight. You will enjoy a girl washing you, massaging shoulders, neck, back and buttocks. Then she applies gel to her naked body and washes you touching with her breasts, belly and buns. Thus she helps you reach full relaxation.
Duration: 30 minutes
Rate: UAH 350

European etude (classical and body massage)
The procedure starts with classical (wellness and preventive) massage affecting all body parts. Then a completely naked girl proceeds to an erotic fragment. With her oiled body she glides upon your body pummeling it with her breasts, belly and buns. Your mind is filled with sexual dreams and your body accumulates extra-strong erotic charge. The longer it takes time, the more explosive culmination will follow.
Duration: 1 hour
Rate: UAH 450

Royal whim (classical body massage, Shiatsu pressure point massage, Lingam massage)
A beautiful lady will help you feel sheer romance of taking bath. With her charming frame, vertical erotic movements, and modest foam, she will carefully and tenderly wash your body. After such a preparation to the main massage part, the masseuse will apply a professional classical massage with elements of Shiatsu pressure point massage. Shiatsu method focuses on affecting certain sensor points of the body surface with fingers and massage balls through pressure and clockwise rotation. A specific attention is paid to foot reflexology. Then a girl brings you to the erotic and pleasure world. When enjoying the erotic massage, a feeling of tenderness and softness will not abandon you until you relax completely. Erotic massage will conclude with 10 minutes genitalia massage with local heating and soft foulage of privy parts and inguinal zones.
Duration: 1.5 hours
Rate: UAH 550

Butterfly waltz (double body massage with private erotic dance)
You choose a girl you like and make your way to the apartment where the most exciting procedure starts. You will enjoy the private dance to romantic music. Hot stripping and elegant touch will send fly all your everyday worries and burdens. In the bathroom, when enjoying a massage of the Butterfly beauty, you will feel her wet foam-covered body leading you to exciting relaxation. The procedure continues in the massage room. You will enjoy classical massage with key techniques: frottage, rubbing and vibration will help you gain fresh strength and energy. Then a girl smoothly starts erotic massage. It includes tongue massage (except for intimate body parts), light nibbling and tender breath. With her body the girl massages you to reach complete relaxation.
Duration: 1.5 hours
Rate: UAH 650

Favorite's tenderness (aqua massage in Jacuzzi, body and classical massage)
Candles, fragrance, rose petals, healing bath salt, rejuvenique foam and light erotic music are perfect additions to this massage. Lying in Jacuzzi you enjoy not only stream massage affecting your body but also face, ears, head, neck, collar area and hand massage. This will help relieve tiredness and concentrate on erotic program delivered by a tender masseuse with help of her slippery foam and gel covered body. After this sensual relaxation the girl will take you to the room where you will enjoy a classical restoring massage of the whole body.
Duration: 1.5 hours
Rate: UAH 800

Roman duo (4 hand massage)
This exclusive massage is delivered by two goddesses. One of the girls may give you a wash using erotic elements before the main part starts, another beauty will wash oil off your body. Classical massage is delivered in 4 hands. One girl kneads neck, arms, back, and the other one - lumbus, buttocks, legs, feet. Then girls shift. Your body gets double advantage followed by erotic massage. You will get lost when feeling young tight bodies slightly gliding in erotic dance, giving care, tenderness, passion, and affecting several erotogenic zones. Culmination is marked by well-remembered feeling.
Duration: 1 hour
Rate: UAH 900

Duration: 1.5 hours
Rate: UAH 1300

Rate for this massage + lesbian show: 1 hour - UAH 1000, 1.5 hours - UAH 1400.

Empress' secret (best elements of all massage types are used)
Secret? Yes, there is one for the elite and experienced people. Similar to climbing the top and admiration with the most precious stone in the crown, in this massage you will enjoy the full range of pleasure with the best salon's girl, Massage Goddess - Empress. Only masseuse who cognized spiritual gist of her art can create soleness for different people based on their individual needs. This technique includes the best elements of all types: classical, aqua, point (Shiatsu), erotic and tantra massages. But these are just words. Enjoy all inimitable things when revealing Empress' secret.
Duration: 1 hour
Rate: UAH 800

Emperor's V.I.P. (classic massage, double bodi-massage, sauna).
This massage for those, who likes to rest chicly, to feel the real emperor. Desided with a wonderful goddess, you accept a restorative shower. Whereupon, already in a room, a girl will make a body-massage, taking you to the acme of pleasure. Then a classic relax massage will help to pacify and find itself anew, preparing you to sauna. There the second wind will be opened to You and will clean a body and soul, forgetting about mundane fuss. After acceptance of shower, a masseuse will compliment with another unforgettable erotic part.
Have a pleasant rest!
Duration:2 hours
Rate: UAH 1000

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